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Hello my friends, I hope you are staying safe and sane while in quarantine! I know being inside for weeks on end can be tough, so why not spice things up with a fun bar cart setup and happy hour from your own home;)

Originally when I got these pieces from MacKenzie-Childs I had every intention on having lots people over to entertain and enjoy each other’s company. Obviously things have changed and the world looks a little bit different nowadays, but it sure is not gonna stop me from busting them out and having some fun!

Nevertheless, I can’t help but reminisce on the amazing time I had with MacKenzie-Childs when I went to Chicago back in February. We spent the entire day with their team, learning about this amazing brand, enjoying some amazing food, and crafting some items ourselves. MacKenzie-Childs puts so much care and effort into every single piece they offer. Each item is carefully handcrafted from start to finish from artisans around the world. They are a brand that truly cares about their roots and values quality.

While we were in Chicago we had the opportunity to craft our own bouquets into a MacKenzie-Childs vase. I used a tea kettle to place my flowers in. We also got to paint our own pie dish and make some handmade dream catchers. To finish the day took a fun cocktail class and learned how to make a specialty drink with the MacKenzie-Childs barware! I loved it so much that it inspired me to get all the materials we used that day to incorporate in my own home!

Today I thought I would share with you this fun setup I have going on currently on my Bar Cart and I’ll also be sharing a fun and easy cocktail you can make at home! Let’s jump in!

My Bar Cart Set Up

My Bar Cart is filled with amazing MacKenzie-Childs finds! I went with their Courtly Check pattern on almost everything and I loved how it came out! Below you can find a link to everything on my cart or you can click HERE to see all of their Bar items!

Cocktail Time!

Today I am going to be showing you how I make my Lemonade Rum Punch!

  1. Add ingredients into your shaker
    1. 1 part rum
    2. 4 parts Strawberry Lemonade (or you could use regular lemonade and muddle some strawberries)
    3. Ice
  2. Shake it up!
  3. Pour into your glassware of choice. I’m using my MacKenzie-Childs Blooming Champagne Flute
  4. Garnish! I used an orange but you could use a lemon, strawberries, or any type of citrus!

That’s all I got for ya folks! Hope you enjoyed the post! If you end up trying out this drink be sure to tag me on insta, trust me you’ll love it! Until next time- Cheers!

XO Josie

Happy Hour with MacKenzie-Childs