I am constantly on the hunt for ways I can add some fun into my space. For the longest time my office just felt like it was lacking something to me. I came across Livette’s wallpaper on instagram and I was totally blown away by the fun patterns and prints you could choose from.

I am such a sucker for anything retro and fun, so when I came across their Beige Geometric Removable Wall Mural…. I was HOOKED. Seriously…. a removable wall mural… how awesome is that!??

The Application

As far as applying the wallpaper to the wall, it was super simple. Your wallpaper will come rolled up in a box and is in order in vertical strips for how you should put up each piece from left to right. The whole process only took us about an hour which was great!

When you get your wallpaper it will come with a step by step instruction guide that will help to answer any questions about the wallpaper! It seriously is so simple!

Overall Thoughts

Overall this wallpaper has been such a fun addition to our space! I have loved having this fun accent wall in our office to really add some life into the room. For this wall I keep my clothing rack of new clothes on that I will use for try on hauls and to film TikToks! It is just the best backdrop ever!

What I love about Livette’s is that you can actually get your wallpaper or wall murals customized to perfectly fit into your space! That is what we did for out office since we had such tall ceilings. It fit into the space so perfectly.

if you would like to check out Livette’s Wallpaper you can click HERE! they have so many options for your home and for kids rooms/nurseries! If you ever end up trying one out for yourself, make sure to tag me in your photo! I would love to see what yours looks like in your home!

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XO Josie

Livette’s Wallpaper- Fun Office Accent Wall