Let's face it, Instagram can be a pretty intimidating place...

But it doesn't always have to be that way...

This is the tell-all podcast for the gal who wants to know what life is really like behind the feed of an IG digital creator while learning how to pursue content creation and influencing with confidence and clarity.

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Adjusting Your Social Media Strategy In Light Of The Current Crisis With Ali Grant

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On today’s episode I am joining Ali Grant, the founder of Be Social, for a discussion on how to adjust your social media strategy and connect with your consumers in light of the current crisis. Ali is a pioneer in the influencer industry.

Behind the Feed with Kylie Katich

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 Kylie joins me on the pod today to talk all things Instagram. We take a deep dive into her own personal story, photography tips, and the secret to her high engagement on her content. 

My Story: From College Drop Out to Successful Business Owner & Influencer

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On today’s episode I am getting personal and sharing MY story. From the ups & downs and dropping out of college to pursuing my dreams and finding success at a very young age in a career online, I am sharing it ALL.

Connecting With Your Audience: The Key to Instagram Growth

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I dive deep into the most asked question from aspiring influencers, “How do I grow my following?” I detail how connecting with your audience and creating a relationship is the best way to inspire people to want to follow you.

Like you just don't have what it takes to make it as a content-creator.

Have you felt this way while "scrolling" through your feed...

That you're too far behind to catch up as an influencer.

You'll never stand out in a crowded feed

You don't have the confidence it takes to put yourself "out there".

Comparing yourself and your ability to create to others you're following.



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You want to know what it's really like "behind" the IG feed

This Podcast is for you if:

You want tips on how create scroll-stopping content

You need help gaining the confidence the show up online

You want to become a trailblazer in your industry

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- girlssupportgirls3

Love Josie’s transparency and willingness to share her secrets! Each episode I find myself taking tons of notes!  This has quickly become my favorite podcast to listen to and I look forward to every Wednesday! Keep it up girl!

- katie

Just finished up my first episode with you, and it was FANTASTIC! Thank you for the helpful tips and tricks!!

- Sierraejackson

Loved this first episode! Thank you for sharing your insight, tips, and best practices. Really valuable information for those working through collaborations as they grow.

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