I believe you deserve to pursue your creative passions with confidence and clarity.


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Hey there,

I'm an Indiana-living, content-creating, business-owning gal with a zest for helping others turn their creative passions into a reality. I'm a digital creator by day as well as your host over at the Behind the Feed podcast - it's a really good time! My greatest desire in business is to equip you with the right content creation and mindset resources you need to pursue your creative passions with clarity and confidence. Let's get you started!

I'm Josie!

That's why I offer content creation and mindset resources that have helped hundreds of women like you move past the fog and towards their success.

I know how badly you want to become a trailblazer in your industry. You sit behind your screen and watch your favorite creators and peers dish out content like it's their dang job (and it is). But, that's the hardest part for you to swallow - these gals are living your dream job.

I understand how difficult it is to get started in this fast-paced industry when you feel like you aren't equipped to do so...

They're spending their lives creating amazing content and getting paid to do so. You know you have the passion and ambition it requires to make this profitable, you just don't have the right resources or mindset to make it happen.

The good news is, you're only one click away from changing your life's trajectory and making this dream of yours real.

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As a professional digital creator,

 I know what it takes to turn

your passion into a reality.

& that's why I offer content creation and mindset resources that have helped hundreds of women like you move past the fog and into success.

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From my photo presets, content creation expertise, mindset workshops, and podcast where we discuss everything that goes on Behind the Feed (see what I did there), I've got you covered.

Truth be told, it takes more than just a "content-creation checklist" to become the trailblazer you aspire to be in this creative, fast-paced industry - it takes confidence, and I'm here to help.

I'm all about equipping you with the resources you need to turn your creative passions into a reality, friend. 

So, if you're ready to take your first steps in blazing the trail with confidence and clarity every step of the way, let's get you started!