Operation Get-Great-Skin-For-My-Wedding is in full swing! I recently visited LASSI for a second round of Microneedling and also tried a Hydrafacial this time! Keep reading to hear my thoughts and an update on my results!

Incase you missed my first blog post- I will quickly bring you up to speed. Back in February I decided I was going to make a commitment to get great skin. I honestly was just so fed up with always hating the state of my skin and decided it was time to take action. I went to LASSI (A local laser and skin office in Indianapolis) to help me achieve my goals! We decided that microneedling would be a great course of action to take!

In my last blog post I went pretty in depth on what microneedling is and I closely documented my day by day results! If you want a very informational read then you can check out that post HERE! In short, Microneedling is a process where a ton of tiny microneedles go across your entire face creating little channels in your skin. The “trama” caused by the microneedle pen alerts your brain to heal and produce new collagen in that area (in my case over my entire face). It can help fade dark spots and acne scarring, reduce pore size, and get rid of wrinkles. Overall the goal is to make my complexion as even and balanced as possible!


After my first treatment I was SOOO pleased with the results. In order to get very lasting results it is recommend to do microneedling a few times! The LASSI team and I decided that for best results I will be doing a total of 4 rounds of microneedling (one treatment a month). We also decided that in between treatments I will be getting a Hydrafacial to restore hydration into my skin!

Today I will be updating you on my results from the microneedling and sharing all about the Hydrafacial that I got! Let’s jump in!

The Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial is by far the coolest facial service I have ever received and I would recommend it to anyone! It is great for all skin types and needs and thats what I love about it! It can also be customized a bit to cater to your specific needs like acne, dryness, or anti-aging!

There are many parts to the Hydrafacial at LASSI! I documented the whole thing and saved it to my LASSI SKIN insta story highlights incase you want to watch the video of it happening! But incase you just want to read about it, here is the rundown on this facial:

  1. Manual Cleanse- They begin by gentling cleansing your skin by hand with a cleanser and the put a hot towel over your face.
  2. Vortex-Exfoliation- A majority of the facial used hydradermabrasion to bring out the best in your skin. They use this little Vortex tool that basically has suction and sweeps away dead skin. for this step and Activ-4 Serum is used to deep clean the skin and sweeps away all the dead skin cells

  3. Vortex-Peel- This step provide all the benefits of a chemical peel without any post-peel scaling! I did a 7% but you can go up to 30%!
  4. Vortex-Extraction– An exclusive Beta-HD serum combines with gentle suction to painlessly clean the pores. Basically- it sucks all the gunk out of your pores! I was looking forward to this step the most!
  5. Serums & masks- In the final steps, serums targeting specific issues are applied to achieve your best results. For me we did a Vitamin C Mask under the steamer, an Enriched Firming mask that was then massaged into my skin,and a vitamin C serum!
  6. High Frequency- Since I struggle with acne we used high frequency over my skin targeting breakouts. It basically zaps the breakout with a ton of oxygen which kill the bacteria in the area! After this step all my breakouts dried up that night which was crazy!

Overall I was obsessed with this facial! My skin has never felt so dewy, clean, and healthy in my life! I feel like my skin has a new glow to it that I have never had before! I would recommend this to ANYONE! You won’t regret it! It costs $140 but if it is your first time doing a treatment there you can get 30% off!

Microneedling Pt.2 Update

This round of microneedling my skin healed about 2x faster than last tim which was great! If you saw my photps from my first treatment meant my skin was as red as a tomoato for a few days! Below in these photos you will see that the redness vanished very quickly these time. I did experience some dryness and minor peeling a few days post treatment and my skin felt almost totally normal after week! Below I am also including a photo of my face a few days after the Hydrafacial! This really helped a ton and restored all the moisture back into my skin! For those wondering the price- each session costs $300! and I believe you can get 3 sessions for $800!

Also- I wanted to mention that I still do get a few active breakouts on occasions so the microneedling won’t toatlly fade all my acne dark spots because sometimes I will get a breakout as usually in between my treatments. BUT overall I can notice a huge change in texture and glow in my complexion. My skin feels fresh and healthy and just feels like it has more LIFE! I feel less insecure about not wearing makeup places because my skin is glowing and healthy!

I hope you guys enjoyed the update! I will be back each month sharing my progress with you guys!

You can call (317)-660-7103 to book with Maura or Taylor!

XO Josie

LASSI- Microneedling pt.2 + Hydrafacial