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Recently I found two LIFE CHANGING products from the new Pantene Waterless Collection.


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Recently I found two LIFE CHANGING products from the new Pantene Waterless Collection.

Throughout my entire Microneedling journey the past few months, the most common question I received was: Is it really worth it? I am here today to tell you YES and all the reasons why this could be the answer to all your skincare concerns! Lets rewind back a bit and recap all that I have […]

Who is ready for fresh skin all summer long? I have decided that this summer is going to be all about self care! Today I wanted to introduce one of the products I have been obsessing over that I have added to this summer’s skincare routine! Meet the Radiance Scrub made by one of my […]

Operation Get-Great-Skin-For-My-Wedding is in full swing! I recently visited LASSI for a second round of Microneedling and also tried a Hydrafacial this time! Keep reading to hear my thoughts and an update on my results! Incase you missed my first blog post- I will quickly bring you up to speed. Back in February I decided […]

Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand. It’s Festival season my loves! Which means fun outfits, creative makeup looks, and hairstyles galore! Putting these looks together in your head is the easy part, but actually creating a look that will last all day long in the elements is a […]



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