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The Behind the Feed Creator Course: An all-in-one course that takes you from shooting to editing and posting trailblazing content.

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✓ Confidently Use Your Camera

✓ Master Lightroom + Editing Techniques 

✓ Grow your following with Reels 

✓ Become a Content Creating Trailblazer 

You waste hours and days prepping for and shooting photos that you aren’t really happy with/proud of

You feel as if you’re stuck on a “creative plateau” and are unsure of how to regain creative direction

You’re creating “mainstream” content like just doesn’t “feel like you” and not seeing any engagement because of it

Your feed looks messy and unprofessional because you keep changing your mind and brands have stopped looking at you as a serious partner

You’re wasting time and money on info, knowledge, and equipment that you don’t know how to use or apply

You Deserve to Create Content That Not Only “Stops Their Scroll”, But Helps You Rise to The Top & Be Remembered On Instagram

But there’s a few problems...

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Your ‘Photography & Video 101’ Google Search Ends Now.
There’s A New Course in Town, & It’s All About
Content Creation.

& all the aspiring content creators said, “Amen!”.

Listen, I remember how frustrating it was to find a my own unique content style - you know, the “it factor” that sets you apart on Instagram. On top of that was the struggle to “figure out” my camera and master editing tools like Lightroom to give it that professionally edited touch when I got home to edit.

Woo. Those were the days. You might be feeling that more than ever right now, and that’s exactly why I created the Behind the Feed Creator Course.

There’s a NEED in the marketplace for a course that combines:
✓ Mastering Instagram Photography
✓ Developing your creative content “it” factor
✓Creating high performing Reels & Tiktoks
✓ Ditching the frustration of editing
✓ & Setting you up for success online

The best news’re seconds away from accessing everything you need to become the content creating trailblazer you’ve been dreaming of.

I'm ready for change!

The Behind the Feed Creator Course Deliverables (& it delivers)...

A simple plan to get you on your path to trailblazing your creative success

Module 1: Understanding & Mastering Your Camera 

The truth is, you deserve to feel confident behind your camera lens. This module is going to help you use your camera to shoot content like the pro you’ve always dreamed of being. No more sweating bullets, wasting time, and second-guessing which setting your camera should be in when you could be shooting. Let’s dive in!

Lesson 5: White Balance
LESSON 6: Shooting in Manual
LESSON 7: Which Lens is for Me?

Lesson 1: Types of Cameras
LESSON 2: Camera Basics
LESSON 4: Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO

Module 2: Content Creation

Mastering your camera is only half the battle, but now that you’re a pro, it’s time to create content in front of the lens. We’ll uncover your unique content creation style, angles to avoid, tripod photography, and more in this essential module!

LESSON 1: Defining Your Brand & Style
LESSON 2: Creating an interesting Composition
LESSON 3: Angles & Framing
LESSON 4: Creative Poses
LESSON 5: Lighting

Lesson 6: Shooting Locations
LESSON 7: Importance of props
LESSON 8: How to instruct someone to take Photos of You
Lesson 9: Tripod Photography
Lesson 10: Gadgets & Equipment

Module 3: Photo Editing & Post Production

You’re working your camera like a pro and have finally created content you’ve always dreamed of, but it doesn’t stop there - now we edit. If you’ve ever wondered how to create (and sell) your own preset, add scroll-stopping graphics to your photos without it looking tacky, create GIFs, or just want to know what really needs to be utilized in Lightroom, this module is going to leave you wondering what you ever did before now.

LESSON 1: Lightroom basics
Lesson 2: Adjusting A Preset to A Photo
LESSON 3: How to make your own preset
LESSON 4: How to Sell Your Presets for Mobile and Desktop

LESSON 7: Creating a double exposure

Module 4: iPhone Photography

As more & more people are jumping into the content creation world, it's no secret that iPhone Photography has become extremely popular. Not ready to make the commitment of purchasing a professional camera? No biggie! In this module I am laying the groundwork for you to take amazing photos from your own phone!

Lesson 1: Shooting High-Quality iPhone Photos
LESSON 2: Shooting in RAW on iPhone
LESSON 3: Utilizing Features
LESSON 4: Tripod Photography for iPhone
Lesson 5: Editing From Your iPhone

Module 5: Reels & Tiktok

Video has taken over the content creation world by storm and slows no sign of slowing down. In this module, learn how to create attention grabbing video content that expands your reach & generates authentic growth!

Lesson 1: Let’s Talk Video
Lesson 2: Reels vs TikTok
Lesson 3: What Makes A Successful Reel
Lesson 4: How To Look for Trends & Generate Content Ideas
Lesson 5: How To Create & Edit Reels and TikTok Videos

Lesson 6: Creating Covers for Your Reels
Lesson 7: Creating A Reels & TikTok Content Strategy to Grow Your Following
Lesson 8: Up Your Instagram Story Game
Lesson 9: Repurposing Content Across Platforms

Module 6: Find Success

It’s time to plan, post, and monetize the amazing content you’ve been creating. This module will equip you with everything you need to pitch and partner with brands - do I hear a side hustle coming on? I’m even dishing out the same email template I used to pitch my content to brands to save you a very important step!

Lesson 1: Setting Up Your Instagram Profile for Success
Lesson 2: Creating A Content Plan & Keeping Track of Ideas
Lesson 3: Brand Cohesiveness
Lesson 4: Get Paid for Your Content & Working with Brands
Lesson 5: Mindset Work & Goal Setting
Lesson 6: Be Confident

✔️ 45+ Video Lessons
✔️ 30+ Homework Assignments
✔️ 20+ Hours of Content
✔️ 8 Downloadable Guides
✔️ 4 Worksheets
✔️ BONUS: Pastel Pop Preset
✔️BONUS: Private FB Group for continued support & inspiration!
✔️LIFETIME access to content

45+ Trainings AND Sought-After Bonuses Included:

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Lifetime Access to Facebook Group $1500
Average Cost of an In-Depth Online Photography Course $4550
Average Cost of an Instagram Business Course $750
Average Cost of a Lightroom and Photoshop Course $650
12 PDF Guides & Worksheets $350

Compare to Other Courses:

✔️ Content Categories Template ($20 Value)
✔️ Posing Guide ($50 Value)
✔️ Go to camera settings based on lighting ($20 Value)
✔️ How to scout shooting locations ($20 Value)
✔️ Photo Prop guide ($20 Value)
✔️ Tripod guide ($20 Value)

Exclusive PDFs Included:

✔️ 50 Reels Ideas ($50 Value)
✔️ Brand Pitching 101 Guide & Email template ($100 Value)
✔️ Find My Style Worksheet ($10 Value)
✔️ Media Kit Template ($20 Value)
✔️ Market Research Worksheet ($20 Value)
✔️ Influencer Favorite Lens PDF BONUS

✔️ Module 1: Understanding Your Camera
✔️ Module 2: Content Creation
✔️ Module 3: Editing & Post Production
✔️ Module 4: iPhone Photography
✔️ Module 5: Reels & Tiktok
✔️ Module 6: Find Success

6 Modules with over 45+ Lessons Total


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Will the Behind the Feed Creator Course Work for Me?

You tell me...are you a personal brand, influencer, OR content creator looking to master Instagram photography, short form video content, and editing so you can stand out on IG, monetize your skills, and rise to the top of your industry?

Personal Brands


New & Intermediate Content Creators

New, aspiring, or intermediate influencers

Side-hustlers looking to monetize their feed

Anyone who loves photography and editing, but needs a better and faster way to master it!

I’m Spilling My Instagram Photography & Video Secrets So You Can Become the Content Creating Trailblazer You’ve Dreamed of.

That’s why I created the Behind The Feed Creator Course, because I know that standing out on Instagram requires more than just figuring out what in the heck your camera’s “F” stop is and copying your favorite poses. It’s about being confident and powerful behind AND in front of the camera. After being “in the game” for the last 5 years, growing and monetizing my account, I’ve narrowed down and packaged up exactly what it takes to become the content creating trailblazer you’ve been dying to be.

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Josie taught me all that I know about photography. I love how she breaks the traditional “photography rules” and writes her own rules. I would have never learned what she taught me through a traditional photography course. Josie took my dull Instagram feed and brought it to life.


"This course was literally a saving grace! I can take pictures of other people any day of the week but when it came to my self portraits I STRUGGLED. To the point where I would give up before i even really tried. Now I feel so confident setting up my tripod and having others take pictures of me! My Instagram feed has definitely seen the results. I get so much more engagement on my posts and feel way more confident creating organic and sponsored posts."



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