Are you tired of feeling awkward in photos?! This one’s for you my friend! I’m sharing 5 tips to help you feel less awkward the next time you step in front of the camera.

Being Stiff & Forced

Tip 1:

Loosen up! Don’t let your self feel stiff in photos. General rule of thumb: If your pose feels awkward or unnatural— It probably looks that way too! So relax, release the stiffness, and let your body move the way it wants to!

Tip 2:

Move CONSTANTLY. It doesn’t have to be big dramatic movements— Although those usually turn out super cool. Even little subtle movements make a world of a difference. You will feel less awkward because you won’t be frozen in one position AND you’ll have a verity of shots to choose from!

Tip 3:

Pose with your arms! So many people have no idea what to do with their arms when taking photos and when left stiff at your side, it leaves for an awkward photo! Check out one of my most recent blog posts if you are in need of some posing ideas with your arms! There are so many things you can do & it really can add a lot to a photo!

Tip 4:

Change up your facial expression— Have you ever held a smile for too long and 10 seconds later it looks forced? Don’t do that! Just like tip #2 when we talked about constantly moving your body— The same applies to your face. Changing up your facial expression will allow for your face to look relaxed and natural instead of stiff! I like to always do a series of smiling, laughing, and serious faces. I also make sure I’m looking away from the camera for some shots and directly at the lens for others!

Tip 5:

Don’t stress yourself out! If some photos don’t turn out or go horribly wrong that’s OKAY! Learning to pose and get comfortable in front of a camera is a process and is a skill you develop overtime! So have fun, be you, and don’t overthink it!

What’s the biggest struggle you face when taking photos of yourself?! Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below!

5 Tips to Feel Less Awkward in Photos | Posing Tips