Throughout my entire Microneedling journey the past few months, the most common question I received was: Is it really worth it? I am here today to tell you YES and all the reasons why this could be the answer to all your skincare concerns!

Lets rewind back a bit and recap all that I have gone through the past few months. At the end of February is where my journey began at LASSI! They are a laser and skin surgery center located in Indiana. The team there has been nothing but phenomenal and I always look forward to my visits! After my initial consultation and discussing my skin concerns, we came to the conclusion that doing 3 rounds of Microneedling would be the best course of action to achieve my skin goals! I later decided to get a hydrafacial in between my microneedling sessions for even better results and restoring my skin in between treatments!

You can check out my first blog post HERE to read about all the details on what microneedling actual is in case you don’t know! On each of my posts I also include a ton of documented photos of the recovery and transformation processes! You can also check out my second treatment recap HERE. This one also goes in depth about the hydrafacial and all the details on that! It is personally my favorite facial I have ever gotten!

I will also include the details of the hydrafacial here too if you are interested! I love this specific treatment because any skin type can get it and it can be customized to fit your needs! It is only $140 at LASSI and you get 30% off if it is your first treatment there!


  1. Manual Cleanse- They begin by gentling cleansing your skin by hand with a cleanser and the put a hot towel over your face.
  2. Vortex-Exfoliation- A majority of the facial used hydradermabrasion to bring out the best in your skin. They use this little Vortex tool that basically has suction and sweeps away dead skin. for this step and Activ-4 Serum is used to deep clean the skin and sweeps away all the dead skin cells.
  3. Vortex-Peel- This step provide all the benefits of a chemical peel without any post-peel scaling! I did a 7% but you can go up to 30%!
  4. Vortex-Extraction– An exclusive Beta-HD serum combines with gentle suction to painlessly clean the pores. Basically- it sucks all the gunk out of your pores! I was looking forward to this step the most!
  5. Serums & masks- In the final steps, serums targeting specific issues are applied to achieve your best results. For me we did a Vitamin C Mask under the steamer, an Enriched Firming mask that was then massaged into my skin,and a vitamin C serum!

  6. High Frequency- Since I struggle with acne we used high frequency over my skin targeting breakouts. It basically zaps the breakout with a ton of oxygen which kill the bacteria in the area! After this step all my breakouts dried up that night which was crazy!

Okay now back to the microneedling! So many people have had questions on the topic so I just wanted to share some of the benefits as well as discuss why you may be a great potential candidate for the treatment!

The reason I wanted to get it doe is because I struggle with acne scarring and dark spots on my face. It drove me crazy because I felt like even on my good skin days with no breakouts my complexion looked terrible because of all the dark scarring spots on my face!

Another big benefit that I saw after going through 3 rounds was a HUGE change in texture. My skin feels dewy & elastic 24/7 now and I LOVE IT! I never realized how flakey, dry, and rough the texture of my skin was before I did microneedling! It also significantly shrunk my more enlarged pores also contributing to a more even and smooth complexion!

I also wanted to mention that not only is acne great for the reasons I used it for, but it also can be used to diminish fine lines and wrinkles (a great substitute to botox if your looking to fade the appearance of your wrinkles!), it also tightens the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance! Lastly, this treatment is perfect for scaring! I know I kind of mentioned that already, but for me it was more coloration scarring and not so much actual deep scars in the skin!

Microneedling can be done over deep acne scars, chicken pock scars, and even STRETCH MARKS! When I learned this I was totally shook! I had no idea treatments out there like this existed! Now one thing to note is that if you are getting this done to fade some pretty deep creator scarring on the skin, it will take longer to get them to fully go away if ever. Microneedling will significantly fade them but every skin is different so you may not be able to get them to vanish entirely! If you are curious about how many sessions it would take or what course of action to go, I would schedule a consultation and get looked at! The team at LASSI is so wonderful and I am sure they would love to discuss your skin concerns with you!

Microneedling at LASSI costs $300 per session or $800 for 3! They usually recommend doing three for the best results! They also recommend doing another single session about half a year later to refresh the skin wants some time has passed! That is most likely what I will be doing in a few months!

Overall microneedling has done wonders for me, I even feel like it has significantly slowed down how often & the quantity of breakouts I get now too!

If you are interested in getting a treatment done, you can call (317)-660-7103 to book with Maura or Taylor!

Thank you all so much for all your support over the past few months! I am so happy with where my skin is right now! Many of you have requested for me to try other treatments or have asked what the difference between a chemical peel or microneedling is in terms of results! Because of this, I am now going to be trying out some other treatments so I can educate you guys and help inform you so you can make the best decision for your skin! So stay tuned, lots of more fun skin blog post will be on the way:)

To end this post, I wanted to share some photos I took a month before starting the process and where I am now! XO JOSIE

GLOW | Microneedling Recap + Hydrafacial with LASSI