Today we are going Behind the Feed with influencer Coach, Kahlea Nicole, as she explains the ins and out of brand collaborations and pitching yourself to brands. We are covering it all from common mistake influencers make when sending a pitch, tips on how to land partnerships, how much you should be charging, and more!

Kahlea started her blog back in 2015 as a way of expressing her love for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. About a year into her blogging journey she was introduced to the idea of brand partnerships but influencers she would reach out to for advice made it seem like working with brands was this super exclusive industry “secret.” Unfazed, she began to test out different pitching strategies on her own which resulted in her landing over 100+ brand deals in the last 5 years.

During that time, she’s worked with companies like Coach, Express, Not Your Mother’s, Conair, and more. These opportunities allowed her to graduate college and transition into a full-time social media influencer. Simultaneously, she became an Influencer Coach so others could learn and implement the same strategies that worked for her.

With more influencers entering the marketplace each day, getting noticed by brands and landing partnership deals becomes more difficult. That’s why Kahlea provides custom coaching for micro + macro-influencers so they can easily monetize their influence and grow their business.

You can find Kahlea on Instagram, @kahleanicolee, being a total goofball while offering up educational resources that teach gals how to pitch to brands, negotiate offers, and get paid what they’re worth!

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Ep 10: Brand Collaborations: How to Pitch Yourself Like a Pro with Influencer Coach, Kahlea Nicole