Today I am going Behind the Feed with Mindset Coach, Makini Smith— Four time published author, a Proctor Gallagher certified consultant, andhostof the 5-star rated “A Walk in My Stilettos” Podcast— One of the top 2% most popular podcasts globally!

By coaching women who are frustrated, confused, or isolated, she helps them find peace, clarity, and connection. Whether it’s through conquering social media, publishing a book, or mastering a podcast, her passion is to help you find the confidence to turn your dreams into a reality.

We’re talking all about confidence, purpose, imposter syndrome, and showing up as your most powerful self— Makini shares some of the top issues she sees women struggle with today, how to start building your self-confidence when you feel anything but confident, and a few tips on overcoming imposter syndrome.

Have you been battling low self-confidence, imposter syndrome, or struggled to find your purpose? Today’s episode of Behind the Feed is for you!

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Ep 42: Behind the Feed with Mindset Coach, Makini Smith: Confidence, Purpose & Imposter Syndrome