Today we are diving into a hot topic that the entire online world has been talking about— Instagram’s most recent announcement that it is no longer just a photo-sharing app and is shifting a big part of their focus on video.

Many Instagram users have been freaking out over this news, but trust me, there is no need to panic!

On June 30th Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, posted a video all about changes coming to video— He started out by sharing instagram has 4 current priorities which are Creators, Video, Shopping, & Messaging. He then says, “I want to start by saying we are no longer a photo-sharing app, or a square photo sharing app” Which is the foundation Instagram was basically created on.

He claims in research that the number one reason people are using Instagram is for entertainment— He mentioned how TikTok & YouTube are providing serious competition for them right now.

SO… over the next few months he says Instagram will be experimenting more with recommendations which will be most likely videos shown to you in feed from people you aren’t following.

They also are experimenting with topics so you can customize your viewing experience for what you want to see more or less of.

Lastly they will be experimenting in general with how they can embrace video more broadly.

He states that they have an idea at where they want to be a year and a half and a year from now but he is sure many things will change between now and then. WOW.. lots to unpack here.

In today’s episode I want to help you better understand the changes coming to Instagram, learn why this isn’t a time to panic, give some of my personal opinions on this shift, and lastly give some helpful advice for you to lean into these changes & ride this new wave of Instagram!

I have so much to say about this so let’s just go ahead and jump on in!

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Ep 45: Is Instagram Turning Into TikTok? Everything You Need to Know & My Personal Thoughts