First off, we have some very exciting news to share— WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

And today I’m sharing everything you have ever wanted to ask a realtor! I’m super pumped for this episode because with my husband and I just buying our first home 1 month ago— Solely off the income I have made as a full time content creator the past 3 years at the age of 22– I’m really proud of all we’ve accomplished thus far!

So many of you had questions about buying a home as a self-employed person, the current housing market, first time home buyer tips, and so much more. So I figured today I’d bring my realtor, Kelli Basitin on the pod to chat with us and answer all your home buying questions!

Are you ready for this?! Let’s jump in!

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Ep 44: We Bought A House | Behind the Feed with My Realtor, Kelli Bastin