Today on Behind the Feed Podcast, I am opening up and getting super vulnerable with you guys— I am sharing all about why I went off the birth control pill a year ago even though I have absolutely no plans of having kids anytime soon.

I am sharing what this journey has been like and answering your most burning question of all, how do I avoid pregnancy since I am not on hormonal birth control.

When I created the Behind the Feed Podcast, I wanted it to be a way to pull back the curtain on my life and other creator’s lives. Most of the time I focus on the behind the scenes business stuff but I want to share personal things too. I want this podcast to be a place that uplifts women as well and that is why I have felt so compelled to talk about this topic for a year now— but every time I get a feeling I should record it, I chicken out.

This morning I was actually watching a TikTok about this topic and after reading through the comments it lit me up so much that I immediately came to sit down and record this episode and so here we are!

I do want to make a huge disclaimer before I begin this episode— I am not a doctor! Today I am sharing from my PERSONAL experience. I am by no means giving medical advice. This episode is solely to bring awareness to the topic and share my own journey. Always consult with your own doctor before making changes to your lifestyle and health!

Also I want to say that I am NOT anti-hormonal birth control. The invention of things like the pill was one of the biggest advancements to ever happen to women in modern society. It allowed women to have a choice for their life & chase after their own dreams and aspirations if they wanted to. At the end of the day I am ALWAYS for women having a choice when it comes to their health & bodies, period.

I am sharing my story because I believe knowledge is power. Being well informed about how your body works and being able to make a decision that is best for YOU most important.

Lastly, If you don’t want to hear me mention things about birth control, sex, periods, mental health, etc, then feel free to skip this episode! I think that covers everything.

So without further a do let’s jump on in babes!

CORRECTION: I noticed I mention the Cycle Tracking Method and how it is not accurate— I MEANT to say the Rhythm Method! Regardless I describe what it is in the episode but I did want to include this note so it is accurate!


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Ep 53: Why I Went Off Birth Control A Year Ago Even Though I Don’t Want Kids ANY Time Soon