What’s holding YOU back?

Take the leap and join me this March on a trip to Morocco where we will make memories and friendships to last a lifetime! On this trip I want to help you grow your confidence, identify and overcome what is holding you back, and start pursuing the life you were made to live! Whether you are an inspiring influencer or entrepreneur or just a person looking for new life experiences, there is a place for YOU on this trip! In addition to personal growth, I will also be sharing a little bit of my expertise on content creation and social media networking! All of you will get to leave with my Ultimate Preset pack as a gift to you AND memory cards full of photos shot by my photographer/fiancé, Grant Bullard! I have so many exciting things planned for our itinerary like riding camels into the middle of the desert, sleeping under the stars in the Sahara, and roaming the streets of Marrakech! I am so excited to share this experience with you! LET’S GO TO MOROCCO BABY!

GUYS!!! I am SO excited to finally be able to share this amazing opportunity with all of you! It has been a few months in the works and I am so excited to start the official countdown for the trip! Hopefully the information above gave you a brief overview of what this trip is going to be like! I am partnering with Acanela Expeditions for this trip to Morocco! I really wanted to pick the perfect place for this trip and Morocco has always been on my bucket list! To me, it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Incase you aren’t as familiar with Morocco, here is a video from a past Acanela Expeditions trip there!


When: March 27-April 2, 2020

Where: MOROCCO! Click HERE for the full itinerary, it shows what specific cities we will be visiting and what activities we will be doing there!

Cost: $1900 + Airfare


I wanted this trip to be the perfect combination of adventure and life changing experience. I want this top be a trip where ALL females feel welcome and a place where we all create memories to last a lifetime! As I mentioned in the intro, this trip is going to be more than just site seeing. Since this is a workshop trip, everyday for 30-60 minutes I will be teaching a segment surrounding growing your confidence, identifying and overcoming what is holding you back, and help you to pursue the life you were made to live! I also hope to get 1 on 1 time with all of you individually to talk, connect, discuss your goals and questions, and of course have FUN! Throughout the trip I will also be sharing my expertise in content creation and social media networking! I want to make this a trip of a lifetime for each and everyone of you! My hope is that you all will leave the trip with a new passion and excitement for life!

Here are some photos of the places we will be staying! I am beyond excited for this, I could cry!

For this tip we can bring up to 24 girls! We currently have 15 booked for the trip (17 total including Grant and I). If you are feeling compelled to go on the trip but have some questions or want more info you can contact my rep for Acanela Expeditions and she can provide you some more info and answer any questions you may have! Her email is: gracee@acanela.com

You can also head to the trip page on the Acanela Site for more info and to book your spot! Hope you can make it! XO Josie