We finally made the most important decision of our wedding… FOOD!

Grant and I are huge foodies and being able to find great food caterer for our wedding was a must. After a long process of searching, we were able to find one that fits perfectly into our love for food!

We went with Nameless catering as the food providers for our wedding and couldn’t be more excited after getting to try out some of the food this past weekend! Nameless is located right here in Indianapolis and has been an amazing company to work with! Their communication and willingness to cooperate with us in any way we needed have been absolutely amazing and a breath of fresh air after dealing with so many people for our wedding!

Nameless Catering Tastings

The thing that sold us the most on Nameless was their tasting event we went to. Instead of having you come in 1 on 1 and taste some of their food, they rent out a local space in Indianapolis. Ours was at the SpeakEasy in broad ripple which is an amazing venue in itself! At these events, they serve all of the food they offer open-house style for anyone interested in using their service. There were tons of other engaged couples and their families there with us so it never felt awkward or too personal when Grant and I were having discussions on what food we liked and didn’t like. They have a super broad selection of choices from a taco bar to a burger bar to various different types of pasta and appetizers! We tried almost everything there and were ready to explode after!

Nameless was very accommodating and willing to answer any questions we had about the food and different options but never seemed pushy or over the top. They genuinely cared about providing the best food experience for our big day and it really showed through their service. Being able to taste all of the food in an environment like this made it easy for Grant and me to decide and get questions we had answered easily.

Our Picks

We decided to go with pasta for our wedding with the dishes we chose being chicken parmesan, meatball marinara, and chicken alfredo! Grant and I also have a few vegetarians and vegans in our families and we were able to get a side portion of the veggie marinara (which is also gluten-free) to be able to feed them as well! We loved this event so much and it made it a great stress-free way of choosing our favorite foods! It is super easy to sign up and go to one of these yourself! You can find a list of their upcoming tasting events HERE!

We are super excited to have Nameless catering be a part of our big day! For more information, you can check out their website here!

XO Josie

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NAMELESS Catering | Picking Our Wedding Caterer!