If any of you have ever been to or seen Positano you would know that there is a LOT of walking involved when visiting this beautiful place! Lucky for Grant & I, we brought along some of our favorite shoes from Ariat Two24 to wear on our trip!

Not only did these shoes make getting around comfortable, but they are also extremely stylish and paired with almost every outfit we brought! Below I am going to share each shoe that we took with us on the trip and tell you why we loved them so much!

You can shop any of the shoes by clicking on the photo or name of them!




The Gipsy was an easy shoe for me to slip on and head out the door. It is an extremely comfortable sandal that paired with many outfits that I brought! I love the simple design and unique shape of these sandals. it made for an effortless look!



These are quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes I have ever owned. They are so chic and luxurious yet can be paired with a casual outfit like ripped jeans and a plain t-shirt! These shoes paired beautifully with many of the looks I created on vacation! They are also extremely comfy to wear! The made walking fun and easy! Plus, since they are loafers they are super easy to slip on and go!




These boots are probably the coolest shoes Grant has ever owned. He absolutely loved how unique they are and has gotten quite a few compliments on them whenever he wears them out! These shoes fit perfectly with our Italian styled wardrobes for this vacay! You can see below in some photos just how well these shoes went with Grant’s outfit!



Grant loved this shoe because of it’s versatility. He was able to wear this shoe on nights where he dressed up, but was also able to get away with wearing the shoes with a more relaxed and casual look! Aside from that, these shoes where extremely high quality and comfortable for him to wear! it made walking around the Positano much more enjoyable!

Here are some more photos for our trip!

Like I mentioned before, you can shop any of the shoes I mentioned by clicking on the product photos or their names! You can also check out the Ariat Two24 website for more amazing shoes!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! we had the time of our lives on our trip to Positano! So thankful for these amazing shoes that took us on so many adventures!

Until next time! XO Josie

Walking around Positano in Style | Two24