Who is ready for fresh skin all summer long?

I have decided that this summer is going to be all about self care! Today I wanted to introduce one of the products I have been obsessing over that I have added to this summer’s skincare routine! Meet the Radiance Scrub made by one of my favorite brands, L’Occitane!


The Radiance Scrub is amazing for MANY different reasons but to start I wanted to share a little more about what the product actually is. This scrub has a “homemade-like” texture with a fantastic citrus scent. The jam texture has exfoliating grains inside that help to exfoliate dead skin cells! This product is enriched with Corsican Pomelo which contains natural fruit acid that provides instant exfoliation to the skin. You can see the texture below!



To use this product simply take a dollop into your hand and massage it onto your wet skin. Massage with circular motions until you feel like you are ready to rinse. You can use this product 1-2 times per week. This product is suitable for normal to combination skin and isn’t harsh! After your first use your skin will feel super smooth, refreshed, and radiant! Whenever I am done using this product my face has a bright illuminated glow to it!


Here’s to glowing skin all summer long! This product has quickly become one of my favorites in my skincare routine! You can shop the L’Occitane Radiance Scrub retailing for $34 by clicking HERE! You can also head to the L’Occitane site for more amazing skincare products to add to your summer routine!

XO Josie

Fresh Summer Skin with L’Occitane