Making My Wedding Registry with Blueprint

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Let’s talk wedding registries! I cannot believe it is finally time for me to start making one for my upcoming wedding! I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my experience and process of making one for any of you out there trying to decide where to make your registry at and how to go about the whole process! One thing I was never sure about was WHERE to make my registry at. I did not like the idea of having to commit to only one or two retailers and creating registries at their stores only!

I was recently introduced to Blueprint, and found that it was everything I was looking for! Not only can you create a free wedding website for your guests to visit, but you can also create an online registry through them as well! The best part is they have thousands of items you can add to your registry from tons of different retailers all linked in one place! I have things linked on my registry from places like Target, Amazon, West Elm, and a ton more!

Another really cool feature that I love is you can create a cash registry to add custom cash gifts your registry, as well as their pre-populated cash funds! A perfect example of one that I added to mine was a hot air balloon ride on our honeymoon! I set the price for whatever I thought that experience would cost and then selected the group gifting feature, this allows multiple people to contribute to an experience you want to go on instead of buying a physical gift! I LOVE this option because Grant and I are super adventurous and putting fun experiences on our registry is something we’d rather have than items only! 

Lastly, if you’ve already started a gift registry, you can actually import your registries from other retailers to your Blueprint registry. That way everything is all in one place instead of making specific registries at multiple stores. if you choose to make specific registries a multiple stores! Click HERE to register and start shopping for your registry!

I have gone ahead and linked my registry for you guys to check out! Hopefully this will help give you an idea on how it works and maybe some inspo for your very own registry!

Here are a few of my favorite items that I added to my Blueprint registry and why I chose them!

Grant and I both are coffee lovers and for the longest time we have wanted a Nespresso machine! It is our favorite coffee ever and it would be so amazing to start our morning off every day with a cup of coffee! Adding this to our registry was such a clear choice!

I added several types of glassware to our registry but this one was my favorite! I thought it would pair super cute with the coffee machine.

Grant and I love to entertain, so we wanted to add something fun, modern, and trendy into our space that served a purpose! We chose this bar cart in particular because of it’s quirky and fun look!

As I mentioned earlier, Grant and I are adventurers and we definitely value experiences over actual items! We thought adding an Airbnb card to the registry would not only be fun, but would allow us to start our marriage off traveling somewhere new!

As I mentioned, Blueprint allows you to add cash gifts to your registry that multiple people can pitch in to help reach the overall goal! This is a PERFECT opportunity to try and put some money towards things like a honeymoon!

If you prefer to add cash gifts for experiences you can most certainly do that too! Grant and I want to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride on our Honeymoon so fittingly, we added it to the registry!

We wanted to add some basic bakeware to the registry as well! One great thing about registries is getting the everyday necessities you might need for your new home together!

Grant actually loves to cook so this one was one of his requests!

I also added a few fun and inexpensive decor items like this one to the registry! You can always use some extra touches to make your home together feel complete!

I am so happy I found Blueprint! They were everything I was looking for all in one and made my registry experience so fun and simple! I highly recommend checking this out if you are in the market for starting a gift registry (for any wedding or special occasion) and the best part is, it’s 100% free! You can click HERE to sign up on their website now!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful! So excited to have my registry checked off my list of wedding to do’s! Stay tuned next month for another wedding related blog post!

XO Josie

Making My Wedding Registry with BluePrint