On Today’s episode of Behind the Feed, we are talking about all things productivity with Alyssa Coleman.

Alyssa is a Productivity Strategist for creative entrepreneurs and founder of Your Most Profitable Quarter Yet. A recovering procrastinator herself, she became obsessed with figuring out how the Oprah’s, the Beyoncé’s, and the Marie Forleo’s of the world were running empires, staying creative AF, and making it all look easy. As soon as she figured this out, her business did a complete 180.

She mastered the exact process to take entrepreneurs from over-worked and under-slept to productive, profitable, and FREE, and, from that, the Freedom Rebellion was born.

Today, Alyssa and I talk about how hustle culture is a scam, and instead, she outlines a way for us to actually be more productive by putting in half the amount of work!

Are you ready for this? Let’s jump in!

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Ep 40: Is Hustle Culture A Scam? | How to ACTUALLY Become More Productive with Alyssa Coleman