Summer is here my friends– and believe me, posing can be hard enough, throw on a swimsuit and it can be even more frustrating– We get it! But don’t sweat it! Here are some few small adjustments you can make to elevate your posing next time you find yourself poolside or shoreside! Hell, even if you aren’t in a swimsuit, these tips still work– You can thank us later! 😉

These are just tips! I am not saying that the first poses are bad, I am just offering some easy alternatives that you can implement to switch things up and give your photos a little extra somethin’.

Slouching over

✓ Lean back + have good posture!

It’s amazing how much posture helps when posing– Your posture will help to elongate your torso & helps you to look more flattering than just slouching over!

Hands on hips

✓ Switch up arm placement

Instead of putting your hands on your hips, try putting one hand on your head and the other wrapped around your waist. You could even put both hands in the air! There are so many ways to switch it up. I love trying these poses out in a seated side profile position on my knees but you could implement this standing as well.

Lean on one side

✓ Elongate your lean

Don’t be shy, try stretching out your torso a little more and create a deeper lean by propping yourself up on your elbow rather than you hand. It’s a fun way to switch it up and add some interest to your photo rather than leaning on one side!

Basic standing pose

✓ Point your toes + relax your arms

By pointing your toes and putting one foot closer to the camera, you make yourself look longer and taller– Can you say “HELLO!” Supermodel! Pair this with some simple arm movements and you will get the perfect full body money shot!

Basic straight on half body shot

✓ Try turning to the side + putting your hand on your head!

When in doubt, turn to the side! Try doing a side shot where you are completely facing the camera straight on. This will add a little interest to your photo and make it look a little less basic!

Hopefully these small adjustments gave you some posing ideas and will help boost your confidence when snapping those pics in your favorite swimsuit this summer!

What’s your go-to pose when taking photos in a swimsuit? Be sure to share with us below!

THIS not THAT | Swimsuit Posing Edition

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